Shilpa Shetty shares a cheerful post after husband Rak Kundra gets bail

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Everyone is conscious of the news that Raj Kundra was arrested within the case of a pornographic film two months ago. The news came so suddenly it left everyone baffled. it’s impacted the relations of Shilpa Shetty and friends negatively. After facing such a lot turmoil within the world and social media platforms, Raj Kundra’s relations finally heard some excellent news about the case.

On Monday, the metropolitan magistrate’s court granted bail to Raj Kundra. subsequent day he walked out of Mumbai’s Arthur road jail. supported reports, magistrate SB Bhajipale granted bail for Raj Kundra on certain conditions along side a surety of Rs 50,000. The 46-year-old businessman was booked during a pornographic films production case along side Ryan Thorpe. Both of them are released from jail.

After spending two months in jail, he finally got the bail. Shilpa Shetty, without implying anything, shared some heartfelt posts on her Instagram handle. She actively posts and interacts together with her fans on Instagram from time to time. On Instagram, she features a decent number of followers. People admire her for her dedication to being fit and maintaining her physique.

When the Raj Kundra arrest came to the mainstream, many of her fans questioned this matter. regardless of negative comments and false accusations, she kept her cool. She simply denied all the comments and informed that she wasn’t conscious of Raj Kundra’s business activities.

The mobile application that was a part of this case, she denied being conscious of them. As she was busy together with her own work, she never questioned or checked her husband’s business dealing. along side that, the police officials also confirmed that she wasn’t conscious of this stuff .

From the day her husband got arrested, to the present day she was active on all her social media handles. She even shared the struggles and mental stress that she was handling at that moment. regardless of the negativity out there, she kept posting emotional and heartfelt posts.

As Raj Kundra got the bail and walked out of jail, she shared another inspirational note on her Instagram handle. She shared a quote from ” beautiful things after a nasty storm by architect Roger Lee. The quote she featured on her Insta story read Rainbows exist to prove that lovely things can happen after a nasty storm. “

The yoga and fitness model, Shilpa Shetty, has shown us how one should maintain a positive attitude towards life. regardless of how hard life seems, at particular times, you ought to not hand over or lose your temper. Because life will always show its best cards once we keep going. Her relations got some relief from mental pressures and negativity that arose within the previous couple of weeks.